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Solve customer tickets 10x faster with AI.

Caffeinated CX is the AI autofill tool that helps your cx team solve support tickets 10x faster.

Trusted by Leading Brands Across Industries:

See Caffeinated AI in action:

1.1+ million

tickets handled per month

2+ million

email responses per month

10x average

increase in efficiency

“Our CX team all of a sudden started being able to respond to 5x more tickets in an hour.”

Will Caldwell

Snap Inc
We work with the same tools as you.

At Caffeinated CX, we’re all about making your customer support more efficient. That’s why we integrated with all support softwares and we’re always open to adding more!

Ready to 10x CX Efficiency?
Caffeinated CX guarantees to 10x your customer support efficiency or get your money back!
We Guarantee 10x Customer Support Efficiency or Your Money Back!

Increase CX Productivity.

We train our AI using your data. Caffeinated knows how to respond to a customer’s inquiry based on how your team has responded in the past.

Works with Any Support Software.

Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho, Intercom, you name it. We can plug into any support software to start supercharging your customer success team.

AI Built For You.

Without a great cx team, businesses can’t grow. Caffeinated was built to make your job easy.

“I was able to handle 7x more tickets in the same amount of time.
Caffeinated made my job so easy :)”

Jake Dulay

Support team, Barbara Cleans
What makes Caffeinated AI different?

Unparalleled efficiency.

Better support is built through better technology. We focus on empowering your cx team to work faster.

Superpowered technology.

Our AI is always evolving based on your team’s responses. If you change criteria for cancellations or discounts, our AI will automatically take note.

Empowering not replacing your team.

We built Caffeinated AI after trying to improve the time it took to respond to cx tickets.
Support Teams Thrive with Caffeinated CX

Easy Onboarding.

Get setup in under a day and start enabling your customer support reps to winback more business!

Multichannel Capabilities.

Our AI can work across channels, whether that be email, chat, or sms.

Track Results.

Data is our lifeblood and we ensure you see results or your money back!